In the post-war world of Eberron, three troubled misfits face a daunting future rife with phantoms, magic, and monstrous agendas. Will their treacherous journey of redemption and self-discovery bring them together, or destroy them...Metanoia Blues is an Actual Play D&D series hosted on Twitch and Youtube.

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    Dungeon Master: Zeek
    Full of secrets, skills, and stories.

    Willow Jenkins

    Player: MimAn eccentric, contemplative artificer. Likes to fix things. and help peopleThey/Any

    Luca Karrnson

    Player: SaraA kind paladin who is a mystery even to himself. He's searching for answers.He/Him


    Player: RommieA cautious and aloof Warlock with too many knives. Hunting for ways to cope with their magical eye.They/Them

    !Content Warning!
    This game features sensitive subject matter, including:
    vulgar language, violence, body horror/gore, death, discussion and depictions of war, sexual themes, alcohol consumption, discussion of trauma and mental illness. Please proceed with caution.